Top Must-Have Features in a Multi-Seller Ecommerce Platform

A multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace is very different from a regular ecommerce website. If you wish to build a multi-vendor marketplace, then the first step is to understand the workflow and complexities involved in the entire process. Once you have a crystal-clear image of its workflow, it is time to pick a suitable platform for creating your marketplace. To help you in choosing the most suitable platform, you must have a checklist of features that your multi-vendor ecommerce platform should fulfill.

Take a look at the below-listed features which can assist you in making the final decision:

•    Flexibility and Performance- The multi-seller ecommerce platform should be customizable enough to adapt the necessary changes of the marketplaces. The platform should be flexible, offer good performance and provide customization depending on the demands of the business. The user should be able to tweak the front-end as well as the back-end. The platform should be built using the latest technology so that there is no compromise on the scalability as well as the performance of the online store.

•    Vendor management support- The vendors should be able to use the platform easily. The minimum support that a vendor requires for setting up their stores can determine the excellence of the platform. All the activities like registration of the vendor, product upload, inventory management, shipping distribution, pricing etc. should be carried out in few simple steps.  The vendors should have their dashboard to maintain a record and analyze their everyday business graph. Similarly, there should be a provision for the Admin to have the entire details of the vendors listed on the platform.

•    Display and pricing- Customers are often looking for a particular product or a brand on an online platform. The benefit of a multi-seller ecommerce platform is that multiple products of different brands are listed which gives the opportunity to the customers to explore. The platform should allow the customers to shop for various brands, categories, prices etc. Good search and filter capabilities are necessary to convince the customers to complete a purchase. Attractive images and display can grab the attention of the customers and increase the chances of a purchase. Thus the display option of the marketplace should be undoubtedly good.

•    Easy accounting- With multiple vendors listed on the marketplace, a lot of accounting activities are required for every single listed vendor. Ensure that the platform you choose provides error-free and hassle-free ways to carry out the accounting activities. Your multi-seller ecommerce platform should allow to set up a flexible commission for the vendors, discounts, shipping activities, payments and tracking for vendors etc.

•    Options to expand business globally- A multi-seller platform that provides the options for focusing the international market helps in expanding the business globally. It is necessary to have a platform that allows you to convert the content of the site in the local language of the customers. For this purpose, you should go for a platform with multilingual features along with IP based pricing. The multi-seller platform should provide both B2B as well as B2C options to the customers such that it becomes easy to target both the fields.

•    Mobile first approach-
 It has been observed that online shoppers spend two-thirds of their time in shopping with their mobile phones. It becomes very necessary to have a mobile-ready platform to target the mobile users. The chosen platform should also allow you to tap omnichannel sales. The mobile-friendly sites are preferred by Google, and get higher ranking signals that allow you to get higher traffic to your online store.

•    SEO and product marketing- As there are some competitors in the ecommerce market, it can be a difficult task to create a brand name. Apart from attractive products, it takes much more to be on the choice list of customers. SEO and marketing techniques should be a part of the package as it brings organic traffic and conversions for your business. An SEO friendly platform that offers support for unique product page URLs, ALT tags, blog, user comments, products reviews, optimized themes, discount engine etc. can be a perfect choice for your online business.

With all the listed features, you can get your multi-seller ecommerce business kick-started. A platform that provides inbuilt tools for creating an easy to use multi vendor platform can be a perfect choice which may help you in taking your business to a new level of success.


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