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Role of a CBSE School in Shaping Children’s Future

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Rightly said by Nelson Mandela, education, indeed, has the power to bring change. Therefore, it is imperative for every parent to provide the best education facilities to their children.

India is a country where education is of utmost importance. This can be seen through the enormous amount of schools and colleges offering education facilities at the school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Thousands of them, right?

When your child starts to grow up, you start by sending them to a preschool followed by a formal school and then a college. While you must be on your quest to finding the perfect educational institution for your child, you should aim for admission in the best CBSE schools in India.

Why we recommend CBSE board amongst the many present, is because it is the oldest, most experienced and vastly recognised board in the country.

CBSE is the acronym for the Central Board of Secondary Education. It has been set up by the Union Government of India and is a board for public as well as private schools.

The curriculum of the CBSE board has been designed using world-class standards of education and aims to create learning that is growth-oriented and relevant to contemporary times. The many other benefits attached to sending your child to a CBSE affiliated school that can help shape your child’s future are as given below:

Education Curriculum

The education curriculum of CBSE provides for enhancing the knowledge and skills of the children than giving mere bookish knowledge. CBSE not only provides for education till XIIth standard, but also prepares the students for preliminary exams by offering a conducive curriculum.

CBSE is the organising committee of all the preliminary exams, which gives an edge to the CBSE students over other board students.

Course Framework

The CBSE course has been designed keeping in consideration the needs and pressure handling capacities of the students. The books provided by the board are very interactive and activity-based to create better concept development and understanding in the children.


CBSE conducts class 10th and 12th board examinations for students under the All India Senior School Examination (AISSE) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination(AISSCE), respectively. These exams are conducted in a very disciplined, strategic, and controlled manner to enrich the learning experiences of children.

The flexibility of choosing subjects

CBSE provides its students with the freedom and opportunity to pick their subjects at various class levels as per their interests. Students get to choose the language subjects, apart from the compulsory English and Hindi languages.

Moreover, CBSE also allows its students to choose from the various streams like arts, commerce, science, etc., to help them plan and build their future.

Beyond academics

The curriculum of CBSE is such that it instils life skills and values in the students in a manner that helps them imbibe these skills in their life and behaviour. The CBSE schools also provide for all kinds of extracurricular activities along with the curricular ones. They run on the principle that study and play should go hand in hand.

The factors mentioned above are enough to explain the role of a CBSE school in shaping children’s future. The admission season has started, and school admission forms 2018 are already out.

While you must have started looking for a CBSE school, the best CBSE school in India, Mount Litera Zee School has begun its admission procedure. It has more than 83 schools spread in over 70 cities across the country. The school aims to provide for hands-on and experiential learning, which is why it should be the first preference of every parent.


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